Vision Therapy in Bangalore


Neuronal plasticity of human brains i.e. its ability to change its structure & function in response to external stimuli. Vision Therapy is designed to develop and improve visual skills and improve visual comfort and ease.


The Goal of Vision Therapy is to : 

  • Understand each child’s visual deficiency
  • Determine how it can be improved 

 Vision Therapy is beneficial for : 

  • Lazy Eye
  • Depth Perception Problems
  • Eye Movement Disorders
  • Accommodative disorders

Zamindar Eye Centre works closely with behavioural optometrists in Bangalore to resolve vision issues in children and adolescents alike. We offer in-depth assessment of the visual system and provide smart Vision Therapy For Lazy Eye And Vision Therapy For Kids.

List of Vision Therapies at Zamindar Eye Centre:

  • Brock String
  • Hart Chart (Monocular & Binocular)
  • Accommodative Flippers with Target
  • Lens Build-up
  • Lens Sorting
  • Marsden Ball
  • Walking on a Rail with Accommodative Target
  • Training on Saccades and Pursuits 

Schedule an eye exam and vision evaluation for a proper diagnosis, and to discuss if a Vision Therapy program is the appropriate treatment for you.



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Vision Therapy


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