Dr. Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre Conferred at AHPI Global Conclave 2022

MUMBAI, April 25, 2022 - The Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI), recently honoured Dr. Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre with AHPI Healthcare Excellence Award in the ‘Patient Friendly’ category. 

AHPI's advisory council constitutes experts from across the globe who share their perspectives on the developments occurring in the Healthcare space. The award was received by Dr. S Zamindar, Chief Medical Director of Microsurgical Eye Centre and Mr. Faiyaz Zamindar during the esteemed event that was hosted by the AHPI Global Conclave 2022 and was held in The Lalit, Mumbai on April 22. The award was presented to the hospital by stalwarts of the healthcare industry like Dr. Alexander Thomas – National President AHPI, Dr. Giridhar Gyani – Director General AHPI, Dr. Joy Chakraborty - CEO, Hinduja Hospital and Dr. Atul Kochhar – CEO, NABH.

On accepting the award, Dr. S Zamindar, CMD of Microsurgical Eye Centre, said, "When I started this institution in 1995, my goal was to bring affordable, quality eye care to the people of Bangalore. Today, our strong team of 34 eye care professionals continue our mission to serve patients with the best eye care, technology and compassion."

"It is an honour to have been chosen for this award. It is not only a token of appreciation, but a motivation to continue our efforts towards re-defining eye care delivery systems across the world." She further added.

Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre is a CAHO (consortium of accredited health care organisation) centre for quality promotion and is also accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers). 'Eye for quality' is open for sharing best practices across Ophthalmology for health care professionals across the world.

About Dr. Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre

Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre has state-of-the-art eye care in India, offering world-class eye care services to patients in and around Bangalore since 1997. They provide the best, personalised healthcare with a breadth of surgical and medical expertise. Dr. Zamindar’s Microsurgical Eye Centre believes and adheres to its motto “Quality is not an accident but a result of intelligent efforts.”

For more information on Dr Zamindar Microsurgical Eye Centre, please visit https://www.drzamindarseyecentre.com/


Glaucoma - Important Things You Must Know


Glaucoma is an eye disorder that damages the optic nerve. It is often caused because of excess pressure on your eye. This pressure is intraocular pressure and it can damage your optic nerve. 

The optic nerve plays a pivotal role in your vision. It sends signals from the retina to your brain. Based on those signals, your brain creates images. Glaucoma, if untreated, can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness. In fact, it is one of the prominent causes of blindness after cataracts. 

Glaucoma is a common condition among senior citizens. Gradually, it gets worse. It is usually detected at an advanced stage when your vision is affected enormously. Hence, you should visit your doctor regularly so that he/she can detect and diagnose the disease at an early stage. If it is diagnosed early, vision loss can be prevented. 


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